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Past & Present

1980-1986 a founder member of Maanalainen Flanelli, releases: vinyl single Dalmatian koirat/Melodia(Octopus Records)

1987-1990 member of Noise In Dirt, releases:
Vinyl single Sleep away man son/Cha Cha and the rain man(Comeback Records)
Vinyl LP Welcome to my locosonic world (Comeback Records)

Late 90´s a member of Rhymin´Jet Brilliant&The Psychic Lovers, releases:
Vinyl single Screaming island/The day of the pilgrim (Octopus Records)
Vinyl EP Nirvana train/The way of unicorn (a song for Zelda)/Vitamin viper (Octopus Records)

1992-1998 member of Going Public, releases:
Vinyl single She must be seeing things/Hollow inside (Hipnose Records)
Vinyl Ep Sun ray treatment: Hauntin´/Airborne day/Brilliant thoughts (Hipnose Records)
Vinyl single Hoodlum town/My aching soul (Hipnose Records)
CD album Ancient heart (Gaga Goodies)
CD EP Emotionmotion (Gaga Goodies)
CD album Hooligan (Hipnose Records)

1998-2004 member and singer/songwriter of Eugen, releases:
CD-R EP Bubblegum ball/Salty Simon Song/Mr. Domino (promo)
CD-R EP Electric garageland: My guiding star/ All day all night/ Sleeping stars/ Golden heart /Someone to love (promo)
CD-R single Rabbits/Bootstompin´ ( promo)

each band has also been on various compilation albums

2004-2007 Solo artist, also some collaboration with Roy Gabriel and Cheerleaders United

Member of The Barefoot Brothers since 2008