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Bob Dominoīs first album under his own name
THE ODDBOMB DIARIES will be released on April 2nd 2007.

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Plastic Passion

The album displays a wide variety of different musical styles. For example, there are traces of danceable electronic pop/rock, funky beats, soul, jazz, ambient etc. Some influences of Kraftwerk and David Bowie's Berlin-era collaborations with Brian Eno and Iggy Pop can be found too. All these elements are mixed together to show how music can take various shapes while still coming from the same sound source.

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01 The sound of the city street
02 Kouvola City Beat
03 330 seconds to detonation
04 Here come the brutes
05 Bobīs lament
06 Borderline case
07 Orbiter
08 Black light
09 Silent song
10 Golden monk
11 Moonbase serenade

All songs written,arranged, produced and engineered by Bob Domino. All instruments played by Bob Domino with additional help by Father Mckenzie, bass, Pentti Luomakangas, saxophone and Eero Savela, trumpet.

For further information please contact the record company
Plastic Passion
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